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Bharat Ayurvedic Ortho Oil


Bharat Ayurveda OrthoOil penetrates deep into the dermal layers and has a soothing effect on under cells. It is highly useful for general body massage and pain relief in several parts of the body except for the head. Ortho Oil treats weakness of the muscles and the nerves. It is completely free from any kind of side effects and is safe to use.

Key Ingredients:-

  • Black Sesame Oil
  • Mustard Oil
  • Neem Extract
  • Crown Flower Extract
  • Cayenne Peppers Extract
  • Bhimsen Camphor

Direction of Use:-

Gently give a massage with Bharat Ayurvedic Ortho Oil to your affected joint/body parts 2-3 times per day to see a considerable impact within a few days.

For better result:

Take one green leaf of crown flower spread Bharat Ayurveda hair oil on front side of leaf then heat a back side leaf little ( lukewarm ) on a griddle.

Now first spread Bharat Ayurveda Ortho Oil to your affected joint/body parts then put this lukewarm green leaf of crown flower on affected parts and tie with cloth stitching or wrap with cotton cloth.

Apply this process preferable at bedtime. If crown flower leaf not available then you can use betel leaf too.

Key Benefits: –

It is used to treat stiff muscles and limbs, body aches, muscular pains, severe joint pain and swelling

it can also be used for body massage and to relieve tension

It has excellent spread ability and has quick absorption and helps in effective pain relief in chronic conditions

It helps rejuvenate the nervous system. It has long lasting effects.


Good For: –

Joint Pain, Neck Pain, Shoulder Pain, Back Pain, Knee Pain, Every muscular pain, For Full Body Massage (Except Headache)



100 ML


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